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Archive for May, 2012

Archiving Old Memories

May 11th, 2012

Archiving a Shoebox at a Time

Proof that times have changed: Grandma just friended you on Facebook, and your 1-year-old says “iPad” amongst his first words. Storyteller digitally converts those moments caught on photograph, film, or video…so your family can access and share those memories to their heart’s content (on the internet or at home).

Memories to Archive may include:

– Mom wearing purple bell-bottoms

– Mullet haircuts and yearbook photos

– Your little squirt’s first bicycle ride

– Old 8mm family footage

– Embarrassing baby pictures

– Prom night; Pink dress; Poofy hair

We make it easy to digitally convert, organize and share pictures, slides, negatives, film and video. Using the latest technology, the Storyteller team scans fragile photos, and can convert any film footage – 16mm to High-8 to VHS.