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Elizabeth (Scarsdale, NY)

Photo Slideshow for Bar Mitzvah Party:

At first, I was not interested in doing a photo slideshow for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. As a guest at other people’s functions, I have been so incredibly bored by other people’s montages. They usually go on too long, are mostly amateurish, not visually stimulating, and the music often ends abruptly as new music begins.

After hearing about Storyteller Productions from a friend, I changed my mind and decided to have Jenny help me with a video. I was glad to hand this off to someone else because (a) I had no time to learn new software and (b) I had way too many other demands on my time for the party planning.

I completely underestimated how compelling and polished the final product would be. It makes a huge difference when hiring a professional editor, rather than driving myself nuts creating an “amateurish” photo slideshow with iMovie.

All in all, this video is absolutely priceless because it’s like a time capsule of the first 13 years of my son’s life. We will cherish this video for the rest of our lives. Other than my son reading from the Torah, this was the best part of the Bar Mitzvah. I can’t thank Jenny and Storyteller Productions enough!