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How should I pack up my negatives for shipment?

Negatives can be shipped in the poly sleeves that they were packed in by the photo processor. Please do not remove them from these sleeves as this will likely result in scratching and the accumulation of dust and dirt. If you no longer have the poly sleeves for your negatives, place them in small groups in envelopes.

You can then place the envelopes into Ziploc bags (gallon-sized freezer bags) to prevent damage from moisture and dust during transit.

Place the envelopes into a smaller box, which you will pack into the larger box for shipping. This reduces the possibility that the negatives will be scratched or otherwise damaged in transit.

Make sure to pack your materials using cushioning packing material that is dust and static-free such as static-free packing peanuts or bubble wrap. We discourage using newspaper or shredded packing.

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