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Home Video Portfolio

Family Vacation

After returning home from her family vacation, Alicia was overwhelmed with all the video and photos of her trip. Storyteller made a “best parts” compilation tape of her materials. Here is a 2 minute excerpt sample of how the materials were consolidated.

The Birth of Sienna Jane


Lucas and Isabel

Lucas and Isabel’s parents had a lot of random video of the kids, and wanted to make a DVD of the best parts of the video. They gave DVD copies to each set of Grandparents for a Holiday gift. Here is a 2 minute excerpt.


4th of July Barbecue

Marieke had a lot of video taped from her family’s 4th of July weekend, and wanted to consolidate the best parts. she also wanted to show off her husband’s “barbecuing skills” as an underlying theme. This excerpt was part of a DVD that Marieke gave to her husband for his birthday.


Photo Restoration

Basic Restoration

Basic Photo Restoration

Medium Restoration

Medium Photo Restoration

Complex Restoration

Complex Photo Restoration

Special Occasions

Adam and Lyndsay’s Love Story

Adam and Lyndsay, a couple from Indiana, wanted to create a special video about their relationship to show at their rehearsal dinner. Storyteller made a video comparing their childhood lives before they met, along with their first days of dating and proposal story. Here is an excerpt of the last 5 minutes of the video.

Kaufman Family History Video

This video was made as a documentary style, family history memento for the Kaufman Family. Interviews were combined with ancestral photos, music and titles to present this video as a family party.

Ron and Jessy Fall in Love

Here is the story of Ron and Jessy’s relationship. It documents how they first met, their dating days, and the eventual proposal. This video was made to show the Bride and Groom’s family and friends their history at their rehearsal dinner.

Photo Slideshows

Nathan’s Bar Mitzvah Video

Couples’ Photos

Holiday Greeting Card

Wedding Photos

Family Photos

Photo Books

Below are a few examples of Photo Books created by Storyteller Productions. Select the image of the example Photo Book to view it as a PDF.

Ancestral Photo Book

Michael had a variety of old ancestry photographs sitting in a shoebox in his attic. He wanted to make a book containing all of the photographs with names and dates, so that his future family members would remember exactly which relatives were in the photos.

Storyteller scanned these old paper photos, and designed them into a book along with a written narrative to document the Roskos story from the early 1800’s. Some of the photographs were also considerably damaged, and were repaired as well

Documental Photo Book

Ron and Nancy wanted to document their love story, and how they met in college. They had several boxes of old keepsakes (photos, newspaper articles, pamplets and magazines) that were stored away in their closet. They wanted to document those belongings, before they would be forever forgotten.

Storyteller scanned all of their mementos into a digital format to preserve everything from fading over the years. Afterward, interviews were recorded from Ron and Nancy about how they met, and that information was woven into a well-written narrative, to go alongside the photos, newspaper articles, etc.

Historical Property Photo Book

This book documents the planning and construction of a beautiful home on the historical property of 508 Centre Island Road, located in Oyster Bay, New York. Photographs were taken of the property, and interviews were done to record the exact history of the enormous process. Those interviews were weaved into a literary narrative, and combined with the photographs to form the book design for The Making of 508 Centre Island Road.

Wedding Photo Book

Ron and Jessica were married in San Clemente, California at the beautiful Casa Romantica. Here is their wedding story, which was printed on a flush mount 8×11 photo book, with thicker, board-type pages.