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Photo Organizing

Ready to get your photos organized?

If you’re interested in organizing, consolidating or backing up your photo collection – you’ve come to the right place! The first step is to fill out our initial photo assessment form:

Initial Photo Assessment Form

Once we receive your form, you will be contacted so that we can schedule a complimentary phone consultation to review your organizing project and determine which of our packages best fit your needs.

What is Photo Organizing?

Do you have photos scattered on various devices (iphone, ipad, external drives, computer), and don’t know how to consolidate or organize? Are all your photos backed up properly?

Many of us would like to easily view and access our photos, but are too overwhelmed on where to start!

We will relieve your photo woes by discussing your preferences, and a plan of action to move forward. As APPO certified members, we’ve been trained in the latest technology trends regarding certain softwares, backups and cloud sites. Each client is different and we’ll use our toolkits to determine which step is the best moving foward!

Photo Organizing Nirvana in 6 Steps

Photo Organizing and Backing Up is like eating your vegetables; You know you should for health reasons…but you don’t feel like doing it.

Here is a successful formula that we’ve found works (with some tweaks depending on your own preferences). Afterall, we want to leave our families the memories, not the mess!


1. Putting all photos from various devices onto 1 external drive/cloud backup

2. Deleting all duplicates from over the years, keeping highest quality

3. Creating a Core File/Folder Structure by year to easily find photos

4. File Naming and tagging of certain pictures

5. Backing up to a cloud site that’s easily viewable to other family members

6. Maintenance training on how to keep your photos organized

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