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Restored Photograph (early 1900’s)

May 28th, 2018

All of us have ancestral paper photos stashed somewhere, or know someone in our family who might have those photos. Although some of them may already be digitized, there is a good chance that they have faded and will need proper restoration. The special fact about restoring a family photograph, is that it can actually safeguard that personal legacy, and be passed on to younger loved ones who have questions about their history and ancestry.

Whether you put that photo in a photo book, a personalized frame or on the internet, it can make a priceless heirloom gift that will be cherished in the years to come. We recently had one happy client who had her family photograph back from the early 1900’s restored, and framed as a keepsake to view on her wall. What an incredible memory!

For questions on the process or pricing for restoring your photograph, contact us!



Welcome to our new Website!

November 17th, 2011

Storyteller is proud to announce the launch of its new updated website! With this new interface, we will share our expertise in video production and photo designing services…and also educate clients about what goes on behind the scenes. Enjoy!

Photo Restoration Services

Photos mean a lot to us, and that’s why we put them in a place where they can’t be easily damaged. But no matter how we keep our photos safe, the deterioration of something tangible is inevitable. And that is how Photo Restoration came upon. Photo restoration is performed by a skilled restorer or graphic artist. They can take those damaged and weather-worn photographs and restore them either close to, or exactly how they were when they were new; and can even improve the photographs.

Storyteller’s graphic artists restore the photos digitally, using tools such as scanners and computers with high-end photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop), along with high resolution monitors, and photo quality printers. The damaged photos are restored with a mouse or table pen, and then saved as electronic files that can be printed, emailed, or stored on removable media such as flash drives, discs, etc.

Recently, we restored a portrait photograph where part of the nose was missing. This was a particularly challenging project because it entailed careful reconstruction of the nose, using a combination of lines from the original picture and guesswork of the facial area. Overall, it was a success because the client was happy with the end result!


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